Confession: I’m a Feminist

Hello readers ( if any of you are left)

I’ve returned to this blog after a hiatus due to overwhelming school work, holding down two jobs and warding off anxiety attacks. Hopefully this blog can still add value to your lives as much as it has mine.

I started this blog for a class assignment. That assignment is over and I’m now free to use this blog any way I’d prefer without the threat of a grade. ( You need more SEO! You need more links! Define catcalling better! Why are you even writing about this topic! etc etc…)

I now  want to take this chance to tell you all a secret confession. It’s something I’ve only recently fully realized, but has been a undercurent in my opinions and perspectives.

Deep breathe….

I am a Feminist. A huge one; a big raging Feminist.

If you’d like to get even more specific, I’m a pro-sex or sex positive feminist. 

Sex-positivity is the belief that sex and sexiness are… okay.  It’s the belief that people shouldn’t be judged by the sex they have.  It’s the belief that consent matters and social norms do not.  It’s the belief that porn and erotica are valid media of expression (not that the current porn industry is hunky-dory, cause it’s not) and that sex work ought to be just work (not that it currently is).  It’s the belief that neither “slut” nor “prude” should be an insult.  It’s the belief that every sexual and gender identity is valid.

As in  I enjoy sex, I enjoy having it frequently with people I choose. You’d be surprised by the people I’ve encountered who find this shocking. As a side-note, you might not be surprised that they have all been male.

This confession has not been widely declared in my public life. Yes, I have discussed feminist issues with friends and acquaintances. I read feminist blogs every day and analyze literally everything I see with a feminists lens. Seriously,  I can’t even look at at an advertisement for laundry detergent  without thinking of feminist implications.

(Also, why do so many beer ads feature mostly men. With maybe that one cool girl with shiny hair? I love beer too).

I’m trying to say that being a feminist is a significant part of who I am. I realized that I’m a feminist after several revelations…

  • after ending a two-year relationship with a man because our values and libidos were vastly different
  • after taking a women’s history course and thinking why did it take until college to learn about women’s contributions
  • after kissing a girl who told me she tries to not see gender,but the person
  • after all the dismissals, defensiveness and insults I received after trying to tell people about my feminist views
  • after being told that men can sleep around, but it makes me look bad
  • after being told that my uterus is the property of the public and not my own
  • after my male doctor told me to stop sleeping with more than one person before giving me an STD test
  • after someone I slept with told me women are always the passive sexual partner. 

After all these things and more I have realized that women are still discriminated against, that people are  still stuck in gender roles that harm men as much as women and that I experience these things on a daily occurrence.

I’m sure you do too.

So now I’m using this blog to talk about it. Because if I don’t nothing changes; it all gets stuck in my head and makes me crazy which is good for nobody; trust me.


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  1. Tegan said:

    I AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE WRITING THIS!!! 😀 I will link to you and then you will be pop and your Klout score will be like 1,000.

  2. Josselyn Berry said:

    That would be amazing! Klout will say I’m an authority in things like pizza and feminism!

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